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Watch YouTubers Unbox and Review MyDigitalSSD Best Sellers

Watch YouTubers Unbox and Review MyDigitalSSD Best Sellers
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Synopsis: Check out our very first collection of YouTubers unboxing/installing/reviewing MyDigitalSSD BP4 mSATA, SC2 M.2 NGFF, OTG USB 3.0, and Pocket Vault USB 3.0 solid state drives.

At MyDigitalDiscount.com, we love finding video reviews of the products we offer to see how customers put them to work out in the real world.

Below is a collection of unboxing, installation, and benchmark review videos from YouTubers sharing their experience with some of MyDigitalSSD's best sellers. This collection features both internal (BP4 mSATA, SC2 M.2 NGFF) SSD upgrades and ultra-portable external (OTG, Pocket Vault) USB 3.0 SSD options.

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MyDigitalSSD 64GB OTG USB 3.0 Mobile SSD Review

In this review, Patrick Burnham finds an alternative to the standard flash drive for portable storage with the 64GB MyDigitalSSD OTG SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Mobile SSD. Similar to flash drives, the OTG was designed to be a rugged, ultra-portable plug-and-play device with faster speeds and storage capacities up to 512GB for users on the go.

No stranger to the latest tech, Pat compared the OTG to his experience with flash drives and had this to say:

"Nice compact size, more stylish, better read/write speeds than a standard flash drive." "Thinner than some flash drives I've seen, (USB) 3.0 speeds are great."

He also commented on the construction of the OTG, "it's durable, stands up to wear and tear, been pretty impressed by it", noting the SSD is "incredibly lightweight", and adding "the USB 3.0 cable weighs more than the OTG".

Overall Patrick was very happy with the OTG; it was the perfect size, the right capacity, and utilized USB 3.0 for amazing speeds: "Pretty easy to carry around. Mobile. I love it."

Click here to get your own MyDigitalSSD OTG SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Mobile SSD.

MyDigitalSSD 128GB BP4 mSATA SSD Install in a Lenovo IdeaPad U410

YouTube user TechboyAl takes us through the unboxing of the 128GB MyDigitalSSD Bullet Proof 4 (BP4) 50mm mSATA 6G SSD, and installs it in a Lenovo IdeaPad U410 Ultrabook.

Before purchasing his upgrade, TechboyAl did some comparison shopping between MyDigitalSSD and Crucial offerings. At the time, both SSD brands held the same price but he ended up choosing MyDigitalSSD over Crucial because of the positive customer reviews on the BP4's Amazon listing.

The Lenovo U410 comes with a 1TB HDD and a 24GB SSD for boot and caching. TechboyAl wanted to replace the small capacity 24GB SSD with a larger 128GB SSD, which would allow him to run more apps off the SSD and improve his daily productivity.

While TechboyAl seemed sure that the alterations he was making would not void the manufacturer's warranty, this is something you should always consider when upgrading a device. Be sure to check your manufacturer warranty before upgrading or replacing parts.

After upgrading the Ultrabook, TechboyAl considered placing the old 24GB SSD into an enclosure to use as a portable storage device - a great idea to make use of your old drive, made possible using a MyDigitalSSD BP4 USB 3.0 mSATA enclosure with UASP support.

TechboyAl goes with a fresh install of Windows 7 on his upgraded Ultrabook, and then shows off the start-up speed with a boot test. Everything goes as expected and even his primary applications show a faster load time. All in all, another fine review.

Click here to get your own MyDigitalSSD BP4 50mm mSATA 6G SSD.

MyDigitalSSD 256GB BP4 mSATA SSD Unboxing & Benchmark

YouTube user, Abraham Musalem combined the 256GB MyDigitalSSD BP4 50mm mSATA 6G SSD with a 50mm mSATA to 2.5" SATA SSD adapter to upgrade a laptop that does not have an mSATA slot.

In the video, we get an overview of Abraham's experience with the BP4, "I uploaded my Windows 8 on it as my boot drive, and so far it's been pretty amazing. I've got some reads of 480MB/s."

Not shy of features, Abraham runs down all the BP4 has to offer and highlights the 3 year warranty.

Benchmark results from his setup show that Abraham nets over 480MB/s in read speeds and 357MB/s write speeds, earning a big thumbs up.

He summed up his unboxing of the BP4 by saying, "for the price it's pretty awesome, it's really fast. I really like it. I'd definitely recommend it."

Click here to get your own MyDigitalSSD BP4 50mm mSATA 6G SSD.

MyDigitalSSD 128GB SC2 M.2 NGFF SSD Install in a Lenovo IdeaPad Y510P

Repeat customer of MyDigitalDiscount.com, Technophile takes us through the steps in upgrading a Lenovo IdeaPad Y510P laptop with a 128GB MyDigitalSSD Super Cache 2 (SC2) 42mm (2242) M.2 NGFF SSD, and includes a fresh install of Windows 8.

Before making his purchase, Technophile consulted MyDigitalDiscount.com tech support to verify whether the SC2 would fit in his Lenovo Y510P. Technophile noted that tech support was very helpful in assuring him that the SC2 would be a perfect fit, noting the Y510P was the same laptop used for MDD test benches, and went on to answer further questions he had about the build quality. (Note: If you need any help in finding the right SSD for your device, please contact tech support or check out our mSATA and M.2 NGFF compatibility lists at the bottom of this article.)

Technophile opens up the back of the Lenovo, showing us where the stock SSD is and how to remove it. The process isn't too difficult, and the SSD can be easily taken out once the screw is removed.

With a fresh install of Windows 8 Technophile shows viewers a timed boot demo where he restarts his PC and logs in with "pretty darn fast" time of 24 seconds.

Click here to get your own MyDigitalSSD Super Cache 2 42mm (2242) M.2 NGFF SSD.

MyDigitalSSD 128GB SC2 M.2 NGFF SSD Install in a Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 15

YouTuber 1980norcal unboxes a MyDigitalSSD Super Cache 2 M.2 NGFF 42mm 128GB SSD and installs it in the open M.2 bay of his Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 15 notebook.

Looking to upgrade, 1980norcal went the route of Technophile above and contacted MyDigitalDiscount.com tech support prior to his purchase to verify compatibility in his notebook. After some quick research, tech support gave him strong assurance that the Super Cache 2 SSD would work as expected.

Unlike most devices that have an easy to access their M.2 slot(s), the Flex required a bit more work to open up. Due to it's construction, removing the cushioned pads was the only way to unscrew the ultrabook, leading to possibly voiding the original manufacturer warranty. (Note: Checking what will, and won't, void a manufacturer's warranty is an important step before performing an upgrade or replacement.)

1980norcal isn’t too experienced in this type of upgrade, explaining that he’s "learning as he goes", but powers through when faced with some common Windows 8 upgrading issues. For instance, he has no luck installing the operating system using the Windows 8 OEM but eventually ends up switching to a USB boot drive that he created to complete the task. 

With installation a success, 1980norcal ends up with a clean and speedy IdeaPad Flex 15, noting he, "installed all OEM drivers and everything is working great."

Click here to get your own MyDigitalSSD Super Cache 2 42mm (2242) M.2 NGFF SSD.

MyDigitalSSD 256GB Pocket Vault USB 3.0 Mobile SSD Unboxing & Benchmark

Unboxing the 256GB MyDigitalSSD Pocket Vault, NewGadgets.de gives viewers a look at the SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Moble SSD and its 6" USB 3.0 cable for ultra-portable storage on the go.

NewGadgets reiterates what many of our customers find important in a mobile solid state drive by saying, "I just want it to be light because I just want to put it in my pocket, and have a lot of storage with me on my travels."

The Pocket Vault proves to be a hassle-free alternative to bulky external hard drive and small capacity thumb drives, allowing users to carry loads of data with them at all times. "This is smaller than an (2.5") SSD, just a bit bigger than a USB stick, but super light."

Benchmark testing will vary depending on the specifications of each setup, but NewGadgets' testing saw transfer speeds up to 295MB/s!

Overall, NewGadgets was quite pleased with the size, weight, and speed for the price; noting the Pocket Vault is, "pretty fast and the price is pretty low."

Click here to get your own MyDigitalSSD Pocket Vault SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Moble SSD.

Looking to find out whether your device is mSATA or M.2 NGFF compatible? Check out our regularly updated compatibility lists below.

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