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Using a MyDigitalSSD OTG USB 3.0 SSD to play Destiny and GTA V on Xbox One

Using a MyDigitalSSD OTG USB 3.0 SSD to play Destiny and GTA V on Xbox One
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Synopsis: Watch YouTube tech reviewer wwjoshdew nearly eliminate load times by running Xbox One games from an external MyDigitalSSD OTG USB 3.0 SSD.

It's safe to say that there is nothing worse than waiting on loading times when you’re eager to start your game. Unfortunately, this is something Xbox One users may be all to familiar with as Microsoft’s stock hard drive runs at 5400rpm over SATA II for a max transfer speed of 300MB/s. Compare that to the possible max transfer speed of 625MB/s over USB 3.0 with an external storage device.

Xbox One External Storage Drive Requirements

There are two important requirements when considering an external storage device for your Xbox One:

  • The external drive must be 256GB in capacity or more
  • Storage device must utilize USB 3.0

The USB 3.0 requirement is also necessary to get the faster than HDD speeds, and the MyDigitalSSD OTG has USB 3.0 with UASP support, which meets requirements. wwjoshdew mentions the requirements in his video, however you can find more on Xbox support.

From The Video

Josh, known as wwjoshdew, welcomes viewers to this video by unboxing his new 512GB MyDigitalSSD OTG USB 3.0 SSD. Excited by the max read speeds of 465MB/s and write speeds of 450MB/s listed on the box, he knows this ultra-portable device is seriously going to improve his gaming experience with faster loading times.

One of the first observations he makes about the OTG is the size of the device, and compares the scale to a phone charger. Just like a phone charger the OTG is a small component that is designed to be portable and non intrusive in your living area.

Setting the OTG up to be used for the Xbox One apps and games couldn’t be easier, as xxjoshdew takes us through the process on the console’s dashboard. The next step is to move the game or app from the hard drive to the OTG, simply done via the menu as Josh demonstrates.

In this video wwjoshdew tests the OTG mobile SSD with the Xbox One on some of his most played games like Destiny and Grand Theft Auto V, while comparing the results against the load times of the stock Xbox One hard drive.

Destiny is the first game that he sets up for the speed test comparison, from the video we can see how slow in game the HDD in the Xbox One is. wwjoshdew is frantically trying to change out his inventory while in combat. The HDD slows the process down, with the inventory screen slowly loading in his options.

Moving the game files over to the OTG, wwjoshdew is met with a much a faster inventory exchange, that takes him back into the game a lot faster compared to running of the stock HDD. “This is, insanely awesome”. Already convinced with his time with Destiny and the OTG, wwjoshdew adds: “Why would you want to go back to the stock hard drive?”

Next up for a much needed speed injection is Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V). The loading time for GTA V from start to game time is around 2 minutes and 20 seconds on the HDD. wwjoshdew makes the move from the HDD to the OTG to record the start times and gets a time of under 1 minute. Once more, a totally convinced gamer is: “Significantly faster loading times. Most definitely”

wwjoshdew’s routine of grabbing something to eat or drink during the GTA V load times from the HDD are going to have to change now that he's is jumping right into the game thanks to the OTG. More importantly, Josh understands the additional benefits of having such a tiny, fast, and portable storage device like the OTG:

“And the nice thing about this is you have this tiny little device (OTG) that you could unplug from the back of your Xbox One, put it in your pocket. My step brother just got a new apartment. I could head over to his apartment. Plug it (the OTG) into his Xbox One, and now I can play the games that I have purchased on his Xbox. It’s awesome.”

Without a doubt, wwjoshdew enjoyed playing Destiny and GTA V with the MyDigitalSSD OTG mobile SSD on his Xbox One. You can see from his video how much faster running apps and games can be when using an USB 3.0 external SSD like the OTG.

For more on gaming with the OTG, be sure to check out another video review of Steve “Chippy” Paine from UMPC Portal playing World of Warcraft on his HP Stream 11 using the OTG, here.

More on Josh

wwjoshdew is an Android and tech reviewer on YouTube. Check out more of his videos.

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MyDigitalSSD OTG SuperSpeed USB 3.0 SSDs are currently available in 64GB, 128GB, 256GB and 512GB storage capacities. For Xbox One compatibility, a 256GB or 512GB OTG SSD is required.

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