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TweakTown Reviews The 256GB MyDigitalSSD BP3 mSATA 6G SSD

TweakTown Reviews The 256GB MyDigitalSSD BP3 mSATA 6G SSD
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Synopsis: See why the 256GB MyDigitalSSD BP3 SATA III/6G mSATA solid state drive upgrade earned TweakTown's Must Have Best Value Award in this extensive review.

Chris Ramseyer at TweakTown takes a look at the consumer driven 256GB MyDigitalSSD Bullet Proof 3 (BP3) SATA III/6G mSATA solid state drive upgrade for ultrabooks and mobile computing. Here are a few excerpts from the article:

"The BP3 mSATA products use a similar configuration to the BP3 2.5" models, one of which we ran a world exclusive preview of last month. These product lines use the new Phison S8 controller and pair it with Toshiba's 24nm Toggle Mode NAND flash."

"Just like with the new SMART series, the Bullet Proof 3 line has its own little firmware controversy. Phison is working on a new firmware that is built exclusively for the S8 controller. The firmware shipping on the BP3 is a modified version found on the BP2. We're hearing that a full performance firmware will be ready in July due to a lengthy validation cycle by Phison."

"The BP3 256GB model we're reviewing today regularly sells for $279.99 at MyDigitalDiscount, but with our coupon code (TT256BP3SAVE20) an additional $20 is taken off of the price. That make the MyDigitalSSD BP3 256GB mSATA $259.99, an excellent price for any 256GB mSATA SSD."

"In our initial testing we were not able to achieve MyDigitalSSD's claimed 500MB/s read performance right out of the gate. We needed to move ATTO to a queue depth of 10 instead of our standard test at 4 to hit 500MB/s. With the queue depth at 4 we did achieve just over 460MB/s read and 280MB/s write performance."

"Access time is easily the nicest feature on solid state drives and it greatly improves the user experience over standard mechanical drives. The read access for the MDSSD BP3 is a solid .05ms and that performance holds steady across the range of the drive."

"So far the MDSSD BP3 has hung in there in many tests with the higher priced SMART series drive also from MDSSD. The real-world tests though show when and where performance lags behind the premium option. Here we see that in nearly every area the BP3 is slower than the SMART. The BP3 did fare much better than I expected though and even gave the SMART a reality check when sequential read performance was under the gun. Maybe the most important test for active notebook users, the Application Loading test was won by the BP3 when comparing it to the SMART 256GB."

"For both mainstream users and even power users, price is more often than not the biggest concern. The MyDigitalSSD BP3 256GB mSATA that we reviewed today costs just $259.99 (with the TT Exclusive coupon code TT256BP3SAVE20) at MyDigitalDiscount.com. That puts this drive very close to the $1 per GB realm, a destination mSATA products rarely visit. Even in its current form with initial release firmware, the value of the BP3 mSATA line is very apparent. Given the performance increase that is scheduled and quickly approaching, I don't see a reason why this model shouldn't be at the top of your purchasing list."

To read the full review with comprehensive bench and comparison testing on TweakTown.com, click here.

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