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Synopsis: Thought you knew everything there is to know about SSDs? Here are 5 common misconceptions put to rest:

We, at My Digital Discount, noticed there's a lot of misconceptions pertaining to Solid State Drives (SSDs), and we're here to clear them up!

Whether its for your PC or Mac, a Solid State Drive can be the hard drive alternative you've been looking for. Here are the top 5 myths busted:

MYTH #5: SSDs Don’t Have Enough Storage Space for What I Need

Consumer-grade solid-state drives can now be found with capacities up to 512GB with the use of adapters. They can be used in combination with your old hard drive to achieve even more space than you did originally. In other words, your SSD can be used in addition to a larger HDD drive for maximum storage capacity. In essence, you can even get away with a smaller-capacity SSD bundled with your hard disk drive since you can delegate the SSD to perform specific roles such as booting up Windows 7. Windows 7 only takes up on average of 11GB, and booting from an SSD will vastly decrease system boot-up times.

MYTH #4: My Computer Doesn’t Work with SSDs

All desktops, laptops and notebook PCs are SSD compatible. SSDs are also great for tablets, netbooks, mini-notebooks, and even a variety of mobile devices.

MYTH #3: SSDs are Hard to Install

Actually, solid-state drives are simple to install and do not require you to be a fancy technician. Most can be installed in under ten minutes, and often times you can clone your old drive to the new SSD, preserving your data so you don’t have to start from scratch or back up your information.

MYTH #2: SSDs Aren’t as Reliable as HDDs

SSDs can withstand strong shocks and vibrations without any functional interruption or danger of data loss at all. This is the number one reason why all mobile computing devices, like iPods and smartphones, are using solid-state drives. Even the military have realized the usefulness of SSDs—desert storms overseas blow sand around that would disrupt traditional HDDs in the past. This simply does not happen now with solid-state drives.

MYTH #1: SSDs are Expensive

True, solid-state drives were relatively expensive a few years ago. But we’re in the future now. SSDs are dropping in price rapidly as time goes on, making them more and more worth the investment. Some are even less than a dollar-per-gigabyte. When you’re searching for new upgrades for your computer, investing in an SSD is really a no-brainer.

Browse all our Solid State Drives, and find the SSD that is right for you.

-My Digital Discount Team


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Home : MY Blog : Blogs : TOP 5 SSD MYTHS BUSTED!