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Tom’s Hardware Reviews MyDigitalSSD SBX Series E8 NVMe SSDs

Tom’s Hardware Reviews MyDigitalSSD SBX Series E8 NVMe SSDs
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Synopsis: Chris Ramseyer is back for another comprehensive MyDigitalSSD review featuring their latest SBX series of entry-level 2280 M.2 NVMe SSDs.

“MyDigitalSSD is known for its disruptive products and has had a string of successes, but now it's ready to shake things up again with a new entry-level SSD” starts Chris Ramseyer of Tom’s Hardware in his latest review of MyDigitalSSD’s Super Boot eXpress (SBX) series 80mm (2280) M.2 PCI Express 3.0 x2 NVMe SSDs.

Highlighting the SBX and its four capacities ranging from 128GB to a massive 1TB, Ramseyer says, “The drive offers 240,000/180,000 random read/write IOPS, which is nearly as fast as the BPX with MLC NAND. It also delivers up to 1,600/1,300 MB/s of sequential read/write throughput.”

Continuing, Ramseyer also notes a contrast between the SBX and other current NVMe SSDs, the SBX has a PCIe 3.0 x2 interface instead of x4. He says, “A two-lane controller is easier to design, which reduces research and development costs. The goal is to pass the savings on to the customer.” The benefit of two active lanes is the impact on power consumption, consuming less than four lane drives.

1TB / 512GB Benchmark Results

With a better low queue depth sequential performance than the Intel 600p, the SBX also out performs the 600p in sequential writes across the entire QD range. Ramseyer says, “It's odd to find a true entry-level product nearly leading a significant performance category, but the SBX is right up there thanks to BiCS flash.”

The SBX also uses Toshiba’s new 64-layer TLC flash. Thanks to the new flash, Ramseyer says, “The random steady-state test highlights the unwavering performance. The drive even delivers better performance under these conditions than the best SATA products on the market.”

In terms of sequential read and write, the drive reaches a peak at 1,600 MB/s, outperforming the Intel 600p and Adata GAMMIX at every queue depth tested by Tom’s Hardware.

256GB / 128GB Benchmark Results

Impressed by the 256GB specifically, Ramseyer says, “The 256GB SBX delivers nearly 800MB/s at QD2, but the 128GB drive falls short of 400 MB/s,” also noting, “The SBX 128GB costs $62.99, but the 256GB is only $99.99 for twice the capacity.” Both the 128GB and 256GB drives lasted 350 minutes in Tom’s Hardware’s notebook battery life test.

Being able to read and write data at the same time gives NVMe SSDs a big advantage over SATA SSDs. Entry-level NVMe products have closed the pricing gap with SATA SSDs of equal capacity. Although there are some exceptions, when it comes to choosing a new drive for a system build, it's almost always safer to choose an NVMe SSD over SATA.”

Chris Ramseyer also says, “The SBX 256GB is one of the best NVMe choices for notebook use. You get good battery life, but you also retain a lot of performance while you're on battery power. It's rare to see a drive at the top of both charts.”


“The SBX is coming to market at the leading edge of a tidal wave,” says Ramseyer, adding, “Regardless of the capacity, SATA should no longer be a consideration unless your system limits your options. The premium for the low-latency NVMe protocol has shrunk to non-existent levels. Consumer SSDs like the MyDigitalSSD SBX [and others] are the ground floor for the technology and offer superior performance over equally-priced SATA models.”

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