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Tom’s Hardware Previews Phison’s E8 NVMe Controller

Tom’s Hardware Previews Phison’s E8 NVMe Controller
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Synopsis: Chris Ramseyer previews the Phison PS5008-E8 controller, used in MyDigitalSSD's upcoming SBX NVMe SSD series, calling it a cost-competitive upgrade option to next-gen 3D SATA SSDs.

In this October 2017 technical preview, Tom's Hardware Contributing Editor Chris Ramseyer takes a look at the Phison PS5008-E8 controller - the controller to be included in the upcoming MyDigitalSSD SBX series of PCIe NVMe 80mm (2280) M.2 solid state drives.

Ramseyer starts off by noting that NVMe SSD's are on track to outsell SATA models by the end of 2017 and, while the aftermarket climate typically calls for higher prices on high speed drives, there is some major value coming out of the newest competition from the NVMe market. These low NVMe prices don't come at the cost of speed with the E8, a fact that Ramseyer predicts will pull the rug out from under the competition.

Starting in October, consumers will start to see NVMe SSDs matching mainstream SATA SSD pricing, with many of those drives shipping with Phison's upcoming E8 (PS5008-E8) controller. Boasting maximum sequential speeds of 1.6GB/s read (1,600MB/s) and 1.1GB/s write (1,100 MB/s), Phison is the only company using PCI Express 3.0 x2 to also strategically lower power consumption for end users. In terms of value, Ramseyer says, "Optimized E8 NVMe SSDs may be the first NVMe drives worth buying specifically for long notebook life."

Predicting interesting reactions from the competition to the E8's performance and price point in an effort to compete within the entry-level SSD market, Ramseyer says "NVMe, even the new low-cost models, reduces latency and delivers a superior user experience."

After testing a 512GB drive with the E8 controller against other NVMe offerings, Tom's Hardware warns readers not to overlook MyDigitalSSD: "The company gained market share with the previous-generation Phison NVMe controller and plans to be one of the first with an E8 drive. MyDigitalSSD has lower pricing compared to many of Phison's other partners, and we expect the company will set the E8 pricing tone early just like it did with the E7-based BPX."

Overall, Ramseyer believes the PS5008-E8 already looks promising in it's current form, with Phison having plans to optimize several aspects of their new controller to produce products with more balance. Ultimately, these cost-competitive SSD's offering double, and sometimes triple, the performance at a lower price point and would be an incredible upgrade for users looking to do so without breaking the bank. 

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