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Tom’s Hardware Names MyDigitalSSD BOOST USB 3.1 SSD Editors’ Choice

Tom’s Hardware Names MyDigitalSSD BOOST USB 3.1 SSD Editors’ Choice
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Synopsis: Contributing Editor Chris Ramseyer compares MyDigitalSSD’s BOOST with the SanDisk Extreme 900 and Samsung T3 to find out which portable SSD offers the best value.

MyDigitalSSD has garnered critical acclaim recently for their BPX PCIe NVMe SSDs, and their newest product, the BOOST, is hot on its trail earning a 2017 Tom’s Hardware Editors’ Choice Award.

The MyDigitalSSD BOOST can be purchased as a 1TB SuperSpeedPlus USB 3.1 Gen 2 external solid state drive, with speeds up to 830MB/s read and 730MB/s write; or as a barebone mSATA SSD enclosure.

Chris Ramseyer, of Tom’s Hardware, reviews the BOOST, commending it for its design, simplicity, value and performance. Read below for some of the highlights.

Benefits of the BOOST

Chris starts off by explaining what makes the BOOST stand out among its competitors. A personal highlight for Ramseyer seems to be the BOOST’s versatility: available with two 500GB Samsung PM851 mSATA SSDs installed, or barebone case and PCB board.

“As a DIY enthusiast, I have to commend MyDigitalSSD for releasing the BOOST as both a fully developed and bring-your-own-disk device” he comments; also noting that “buying the loaded drive is your best option unless you plan to build your own 2TB drive with two 1TB mSATA SSDs”.

The other distinct advantage of the MyDigitalSSD BOOST is it’s desktop drive pricing “even though it uses Samsung flash and a user-selectable RAID configuration to offer premium features like RAID 0 for high performance or RAID 1 for increased data integrity.” While the SanDisk Extreme 900 weighs in at $463.99 for 960GB, you are getting the same quality with the BOOST, except loaded with 1TB it is nearly half of the price, at $280, and the system without SSDs is merely $50. Plus both come with a three year warranty! “At the time of writing, it's the lowest priced 1TB-class portable SSD at both Newegg and Amazon.”

Compared to the Competition

In testing, Ramseyer compared the BOOST to the 512GB Adata SD700, 2TB Samsung T3, 1.92TB SanDisk Extreme 900, 4TB LaCie Rugged RAID and the 480GB SanDisk Extreme 510. After a series of tests, he concludes that the BOOST is the superior value in a number of ways.

The first test conducted was a sequential scaling test. The SanDisk Extreme 900 had a slight edge over the other five devices, whose readings were practically identical, in small scaling and block reads and writes. However, the BOOST 1TB scaled better with higher blocks, with the exception of an unexplainable dip at 512KB.

He remarks that the BOOST is “not as refined as the Samsung T3 or as rugged as the Adata SD700, but it's faster than both and is a better value.”

The second test Ramseyer conducted was a Full LBA Span Performance Test. The results yielded that “the MyDigitalSSD BOOST delivers the highest read and write performance across the full LBA range with 128KB sequential blocks.”

Lastly, he tested the file transfer speeds of Blu-Ray, Game Directory Transfer, and Backup directory in order to synthesize a real-world workload. Yet again, the BOOST took the lead. Reflecting on the File Transfers tests, he points out “it's rare for one drive to win all three real-world file transfer tests. To date, the BOOST is the only model to accomplish this achievement.


Upon completing testing, Ramseyer concludes:

“The MyDigitalSSD BOOST is the fastest portable SSD we've tested to date. The drive uses off-the-shelf components in a brilliant way to deliver the best experience. We really like the option to use Samsung flash or the DIY model so you can roll your own. The 1TB model offers superior value and is the lowest priced 1TB portable SSD on the market.

Read The Full Review

Click here to read the full review on TomsHardware.com. (Link opens in new window)

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