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M.2 NGFF (Next Generation Form Factor) solid state drives are space saving high-speed non-volatile storage solutions designed to boost performance with less power consumption to preserve battery life in upcoming high performance laptops.

Smaller and thinner than their mSATA counterparts, M.2 NGFF SSDs maximize performance and usage in mobile devices when used as a cache drive (in tandem with a HDD) and offer enough storage space to load an operating system as a boot drive for embedded applications, ultrabooks, and next generation notebooks.

My Digital Discount currently features MyDigitalSSD Super Boot Drive and Super Cache 2 SATA III (6G) M.2 NGFF SSDs in capacities up to 128GB. Each Super Cache 2 drive includes a free license code for FNet HybriDisk, an easy-to-use cache software for all experience levels that will have users up and running in minutes.

Unsure if your notebook/device is M.2 compatible? Click here for an updated list of M.2 NGFF compatible devices.

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MyDigitalSSD 256GB Super Boot 2 (SB2) 42mm (2242) SATA III (6G) M.2 NGFF SSD Solid State Drive - MDM242-SB2-0256

SKU: MDM242-SB2-0256
Read Speed:560MB/s
Write Speed:510MB/s
ETA: Early February
Save 27% $129.99

MyDigitalSSD 256GB Super Boot Drive 42mm SATA III (6G) M.2 2242 NGFF SSD - MDM242-SB-256

SKU: MDM242-SB-256
Read Speed:545MB/s
Write Speed:410MB/s
Out of Stock Notify Back In Stock
Save 28% $149.99
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