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Shipping Information

Shipping Your Order | We Offer | Available Upon Request | Order Cancellations, Shipment Refusals, & Returns


If you find any problems with the Delivery Confirmation or Tracking Number provided for your shipment, we ask that you check with UPS.com or USPS.com before contacting My Digital Discount.


Same Day Shipping

On orders placed by 3PM EST!

Free Shipping

Now available on qualified orders!

Store Pickup

Call to verify time/readiness.


The following are available by special request only.

Guaranteed Express Delivery

Request and confirm express or overnight shipping.

More Shipping Options

Request FedEx or DHL shipping, or use your own shipping account.

Partial Order Shipment

Have your order split and items shipped based on availability.

Freight Shipping

For large or oversized orders.

Order Cancellations, Shipment Refusals, & Returns

DO NOT REFUSE YOUR PACKAGE unless told to do so by a My Digital Discount customer service representative. Refusing a shipment can result in a lost package or extended delays in replacements or refunds issued.

Refusing a UPS package will result in a My Digital Discount assuming a second shipping charge from UPS that will be subtracted from your refund total.

Please follow the guidelines in the links below to ensure a hassle free return.

Home : Shipping Information