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Phison’s E7 Controller with 2.1 Firmware Impresses TweakTown

Phison’s E7 Controller with 2.1 Firmware Impresses TweakTown
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Synopsis: After being rigorously tested and compared to competitors by TweakTown’s Jon Coulter, Phison’s E7 Controller with 2.1 firmware proved to be a frontrunner in the world of SSDs.

Over the past few months, Phison has been hard at work perfecting firmware for their E7 controller. One of the big features that has appeared with firmware 2.0 and now firmware 2.1 is pSLC (pseudo-Single Level Cell) caching. We typically see pSLC caching enabled on TLC SSDs, but it can also be enabled on MLC SSDs to provide an additional performance boost. Firmware 2.0 had some issues when the drive was loaded up with data, but now with firmware 2.1, E7-powered SSDs are ready for the primetime.

Phison's quad-core, 8-channel E7 NVMe SSD controller, featured in MyDigitalSSD's upcoming BPX series, is designed with a whole host of important features and sports impressive performance specifications as follows:

  • Sequential Read: up to 2,600 MB/s
  • Sequential Write: up to 1,300 MB/s
  • Max 4K Random Read Speed: 300,000 IOPS
  • Max 4K Random Write Speed: 200,000 IOPS
  • NAND: 1z nm MLC/TLC and 3D flash

TweakTown’s storage editor, Jon Coulter, carried out a variety of tests on Phison’s E7 controller, where it stood tall against the competition. This is what he had to say after testing the drive’s boot speed: “The E7 delivers as good of an SSD experience as there is. In terms of snappiness, boot speed, and all-around user experience, you cannot tell the difference between an E7 on FW 2.1, a 950 Pro, or an RD400. It is that good”.

A test through CrystalDiskMark left Coulter equally as impressed. “With firmware 2.1, the E7 unleashes incredible sequential read performance. Other than the incredibly hard to obtain Samsung SM961, this is the best sequential read performance we've seen to date”. Coulter also noted that the E7 easily outperformed Samsung’s 950 Pro in this test.

The E7 continued to prove itself through a variety of different tests. Phison’s drive managed to outperform Toshiba’s RD400 in an AS SSD test. Coulter said this about the HDD test: “The E7's with 2.1 firmware that we are testing today smash right past 90K quite easily. Intel's most powerful consumer SSD is not even close to achieving 90K and like its score, the Intel 750 does not deliver a user experience anywhere near as good as the E7's with 2.1 firmware”.

Coulter noted that you do not see any significant loss of performance between different capacity points. He also found that the E7 has no problem cranking out over 500 MB/s storage bandwidth.

The drive’s read transfer rate also proved to be significant. “The E7's with 2.1 firmware deliver blistering fast read transfers... the E7's are second only to the RD400 and SM961 in read transfer performance”.

Final Thoughts

Coulter found that the E7 is an efficient and blistering fast drive. It tested well overall and blew other drives like Toshiba’s RD400 and Samsung’s 950 Pro out of the water. Coulter’s only concern was the lack of a proprietary NVMe driver. Overall, the E7 did not disappoint.

”With Phison's new 2.1 firmware, E7-powered SSDs are indeed ready for primetime. If you are looking for an NVMe SSD, E7-powered drives are worth taking a close look at. The performance delivered is blistering fast, and the user experience is on par with the fastest consumer-based NVMe SSDs ever made”.

Read The Full Review

Click here to read the full review on Phison’s E7 Controller with Firmware (link opens in a new window)

Coming Soon

MyDigitalSSD BPX Series PCIe Gen3 x4 NVMe SSDs are expected later this year in 80mm (2280) M.2, 110mm (22110) M.2, 2.5", and AIC form factors.

Comments on Phison’s E7 Controller with 2.1 Firmware Impresses TweakTown

cat1092 Wednesday, February 27, 2019 02:11:20 AM
I've owned three of the original 240GB BPX SSD's (Phison E7), was there a firmware update for these? I'll keep a watch on this page for any information.
MyDigitalSSD actually offers a drive management (Toolbox) software that allows you to easily check and update your BPX's firmware. You can download it directly from MyDigitalSSD's BPX product page linked below.


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