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MyDigitalSSD SBX NVMe Series Earns The SSD Review’s Top Value Award

MyDigitalSSD SBX NVMe Series Earns The SSD Review’s Top Value Award
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Synopsis: The SSD Review puts the MyDigitalSSD SBX PCIe Gen 3 x2 2280 M.2 series to the test, calling them “a welcomed sight” and “the most efficient NVMe SSD we’ve tested yet.”

In his latest article, the SSD Review’s Sean Webster takes a detailed look at MyDigitalSSD’s new SBX series of entry-level PCI Express 3.0 x2 NVMe SSDs geared towards PC enthusiasts, gamers, and system designers looking for a high-performance upgrade without breaking the bank.

Webster kicks things off noting his excitement, “With performance three times greater than SATA at its worst and prices that may allow it to take reign over the market, we just couldn’t wait to get this drive in our hands.”

About the SBX

Diving right in, Webster points out that the MyDigitalSSD SBX 80mm (2280) M.2 series features Phison’s new E8 (PS5008-E8) NVMe controller and Toshiba’s BiCS TLC NAND. A combination he says, “enables the SBX to break free from the SATA interface and deliver some rather impressive performance, as to be expected of a PCIe device, but most importantly, it comes to market with prices that are comparable to SATA, even cheaper than some of the still in channel enthusiast class models!”

With sequential performance rated up to 1.6GB/s read and 1.3GB/s write along with 4K random performance of up to 240K/180K IOPS read/write, the SBX comes rich with features as Webster notes:

The feature list is fairly long. It meets all the NVMe 1.2 standards and supports TRIM, Secure Erase, SMART, and it has an SLC cache that helps boost write performance. It also features thermal throttling, end-to-end data path protection, static & dynamic wear leveling, bad block management, StrongECC™ (SECC), SmartECC™ & SmartECC Refresh support. There is also power loss protection with GuaranteedFlush™ and it supports APST, ASPM, & L1.2 power saving modes.”

Speaking to the design of the drive, Webster points out, “This M.2 SSD is single sided in its design and thus, there are no components on the backside, making it perfect for almost any system that takes M.2 2280 PCIe devices.” Each drive also includes a screwdriver and extra M.2 fastening screw similar to the MyDigitalSSD BPX.

Available on Amazon and authorized MyDigitalSSD retailers, the SBX NVMe M.2 comes to the market in 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB capacities starting at $62.99 with Webster adding, “On top of that, MyDigitalSSD backs it with a 5-year warranty to boot!”


Does the SBX live up to it’s claims? Webster thinks so, stating, “Their marketing phase for this SSD is, ‘Say hello to GB/s,’ which is very suiting as this is why one would choose this PCIe based SSD over a SATA based one.” He goes on to say:

The MyDigitalSSD SBX is a SATA killer. It makes us question the need for SATA anymore. For only a few bucks more than most SATA SSDs, though a lot cheaper than some, *cough, Samsung Pro models, cough,* it delivers speeds that are 3 times faster, if not more than what any SATA SSD is capable of.”

Crystal Disk Mark bench testing found to back up the “SATA killer” label as Webster explains, “All are capable of sequential read speeds of about 1.5-1.6GB/s. Write speeds are 486MB/s, 916MB/s, and 1040MB/s for each, respectively. 4K QD1 performance is very good with reads averaging 45MB/s and writes averaging 170MB/s.”

But, as Webster reminds readers, there’s more to a drive that just speed, “Here we can see that the 512GB model averages 347MB/s per watt, making it the most efficient NVMe SSD we have tested to date. The smaller capacities find their way into the middle of the pack but are all still very efficient.”

In testing power consumption with the Active State Power Management disabled, Webster says the MyDigitalSSD SBX “dominated”, noting that, “Idle power consumption is half that of other PCIe devices.

The SSD Review Top Value Award

In Conclusion

Wrapping up his review on the SBX, Webster says, “At the end of the day, it is a very competitive product that delivers respectable performance, high endurance, and a 5-year warranty at a friendly price. With 1.6GB/s read on tap, say hello to GB/s indeed. Move over SATA SSDs, Phison’s latest E8 PCIe NVMe controller is here to take your market share with no strings (SATA cables) attached...The MyDigitalSSD SBX earns our top value award.”


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