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MyDigitalSSD BP5e Slim 7 Scores 8.85/10 on Benchmark Reviews

MyDigitalSSD BP5e Slim 7 Scores 8.85/10 on Benchmark Reviews
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Synopsis: See why the 240GB MyDigitalSSD BP5e Slim 7 2.5” SATA III SSD earned Benchmark Reviews' Silver Tachometer Award in their latest review!

MyDigitalSSD BP5e Slim 7 Series 2.5" SATA III SSDs are value upgrades designed to help users get more out of their PC or Mac. Intended for the rigors of everyday use, BP5e Slim 7 drives offer transfer speeds up to 565MBs with storage capacities up to 960GB, covering virtually any need or application.

For the purpose of this review, Benchmark Review's Senior Staff Writer David Ramsey tested the 240GB BP5e Slim 7 as provided by MyDigitalSSD. Having previously reviewed the Phison S10 controller that powers the BP5e, Ramsey runs the drive through a suite of benchmarks to see if the BP5e can potentially redefine performance in the value area of the consumer SSD market.

Performance Testing

AS-SSD Benchmarking software is used to test the sequential read/write speeds, input/output operational performance, and response times of the BP5e. The BP5e returns some impressive results across the board, leading David to say this about the BP5e 4K write speed:

“The MyDigitalSSD MDS7-BP5e-0256G turns in a solid performance in 4K-64 thread writes”

Next up, the BP5e receives the ATTO Disk Benchmark treatment and continues to impress with David saying this about the BP5e’s write speeds:

“...returning the highest read scores we’ve ever seen for a SATA SSD at 567MB/S.”

Results for sequential speeds in Crystal Disk Mark are as follows: 541MB/s read and 493 MB/s write. The BP5e is a high performer:

“As we’re starting to see, the read speeds of this drive are very good, at or near the best we’ve seen in these benchmarks so far

Finally, AIDA64 Disk Benchmark is used to test for the average linear bandwidth on SSDs. These type of tests are important as solid state drives do not suffer the fall in bandwidth as a traditional spinning hard drives do. Overall, the BP5e came in 5th ahead of popular MLC drives from Samsung, Intel, ADATA, Crucial, and more as Ramsey notes:

“The MyDigitalSSD returns excellent linear read speeds, which at 510MB/s are just a few percentage points below the all-time high of 517MB/s”

Benchmark Reviews Silver Tachometer Award

In Conclusion

Ramsey came away impressed with the BP5e Slim 7 pairing the Phison S10 controller with Toshiba TLC flash, proclaiming:

“...most of the performance deficits expected in this class of drive are now gone due to the new PHISON controller”

Comparing the current cost per GB to other SSDs in the BP5e’s capacity range, David had this to say: “You’ll pay significantly more for the same capacity in competitive drives”

The BP5e scores an impressive 8.85/10 to earn Benchmark Reviews Silver Tachometer Award for being the lowest cost on market for 240GB, 480GB and 980GB at the time of review.

And not forgetting the great performance achieved in most applications. In his final thought, Ramsey sums up the BP5e, calling it “a very low-cost drive that will return exceptional performance, at or near the limits of the SATA 6G interface, in the majority of consumer and enthusiast applications.”

Read The Full Review

Click here to read David's full review on BenchmarkReviews.com. (Link opens in new window)

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