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MyDigitalSSD BP5e 2280 M.2 Takes Home The SSD Review Top Value Award

MyDigitalSSD BP5e 2280 M.2 Takes Home The SSD Review Top Value Award
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Synopsis: The SSD Review's Les Tokar benchmarks a 480GB MyDigitalSSD BP5e 80mm (2280) SATA III M.2 SSD and gives it their Top Value Award for its "untouchable price" and "amazing value".

Les Tokar, Editor-in-Chief at The SSD Review takes MyDigitalSSD's new 480GB BP5e 80mm (2280) SATA III (6G) M.2 SSD through a series of benchmarks tests to find out how it stacks up to the competition. As you might have guessed by the headline of this post, he comes away impressed.

The MyDigitalSSD BP5e M.2 NGFF 80mm (2280) SATA III 480GB SSD

480GB MyDigitalSSD BP5e SSDs advertise max speeds of 565MB/s read and 540MB/sec write.

Tokar has been in the Solid State Drive review game since their arrival and has seen the price per GB has fall over the course of that time, where the SSD has become the top performance upgrade for notebooks and desktops. With big name brand value SSD options available, Les had this to say about the current price of the 480GB BP5e:

"...we have the MyDigitalSSD Bullet Proof 5 Eco M.2 480GB SATA 3 SSD and this SSD just may be the best value available for the dollar right now at $129.99."

Benchmark Testing

When it comes to testing a TLC-based drive, and the question on everybody's lips is: "can a value SSD still perform?"

Tokar kicks things off using ATTO Disk Benchmark Software and finds some unexpected results:

"As shown in this ATTO result, data transfer speeds are at the top of the SATA 3 range with 565MB/s read and 539MB/s write speeds. This is rather surprising considering we are testing a very value-centered SSD."

A "very value-centered SSD" hitting those read and write speeds marks is confirmed with CrystalDiskMark benchmark testing, where the BP5e continued to amaze.

"This CDM (Crystal Disk Benchmark) result demonstrates that the MyDigitalSSD provides outstanding performance, regardless of whether we are testing with compressible or incompressible data samples, incompressible of course reflecting media files such as movies, pictures and photographs."

Saving the toughest for last, Tokar tests the BP5e with AS SSD benchmark to see how the drive handles incompressible data - a true measure for everyday use. Again, the BP5e leaves its mark by going above and beyond expectations.

"Both throughput and IOPS are measure in AS SSD, 4K-64Thrd results at 98235 IOPS read and 58855 IOPS write are excellent."

Final Thoughts

The SSD Review Top Value Award

After testing, Les takes a look at few factors that should be considered with the price. One being the pros and cons of TLC flash. On the one hand it is cheaper to produce than other flash memory like MLC but in comparison it suffers in shelf life. Tokar puts his professional understanding on TLC flash:

"TLC memory will not last as long as MLC memory, but it has become the norm within the industry for consumer SSDs and there is a reason; it is reliable, has equal the performance of mlc and will last. For 99.9% of typical PC users, a TLC SSD will last for several years and as long as you own the system and that is what matters most."

Tokar also makes a pretty convincing case as to buying a value based SSD like the BP5e versus premium cost SSDs:

"Why pay for a premium SSD when the MyDigitalSSD BP5e will give you EXACTLY the same visible performance in a SATA 3 system?"

The BP5e is intended to be a consumer based, value for money SSD, so the performance should match that to give you a quality end product.

"The BP5e provides disk transfer speed at the top of the SATA 3 spectrum. The speed cannot get higher. Particularly impressive though was that, in addition to throughput speeds, the BP5e attained the 100K IOPS mark which further demonstrates its character. One would be hard pressed to find a better performing SATA 3 SSD for the tasks this SSD is intended."

To finish up, Les takes the MyDigitalSSD BP5e benchmark results and other determining factors to not only recommend the BP5e but give it The SSD Review Top Value Award seal of approval.

Read The Full Review

Click here to read the full review on TheSSDReview.com. (Link opens in new window)

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