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MyDigitalSSD BP5e 2.5” SATA III SSD Earns TweakTown Best Value Award

MyDigitalSSD BP5e 2.5” SATA III SSD Earns TweakTown Best Value Award
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Synopsis: Disappointed by most of today's TLC-based SSDs, TweakTown's Jon Coulter finds that the 480GB MyDigitalSSD BP5e 2.5” SATA III SSD stands tall with Samsung's 850 EVO as the top drives of their class.

TLC NAND flash based solid state drives (SSDs) were introduced to offer a greater price per gigabyte (GB) for the consumer market, but at the cost of lower performance. The cut in performance often results in slower read/write speeds and a shorter shelf life compared to that of MLC and SLC flash SSDs.

Being a TLC based SSD, MyDigitalSSD's Bullet Proof 5 Eco (BP5e) Slim 7 Series 2.5” SATA III SSD looks to change the perception of TLC performance and establish itself as a viable alternative to the Samsung 850 EVO, the top TLC drive on the market today.

In this review, TweakTown Storage Editor Jon Coulter will put the 480GB BP5e through a variety of benchmark tests to evaluate its performance and compare the results to other TLC drives that have gone through the same testing.

Before getting into testing, Coulter mentions the BP5e's first “plus point”, it's price. “At 26 cents per gigabyte, this is the lowest per GB cost we've seen for any SSD to date.

Benchmark Testing

Jon kicks off performance testing by gathering ATTO benchmarks and the BP5e does not disappoint. The BP5e outperforms other SSDs on the list, and leaves a lasting impression on Coulter in regards to TLC based SSDs:

Sequential read/write transfers max out at 567/535 MB/s. Keep in mind this is our OS volume 75% full. We observe a nice ascending pattern, without any major dips like we have seen so often from a majority of planar TLC drives.”

Anvil testing goes well for the BP5e, and Coulter compares the results to the previously benchmarked OCZ TRION 100:

“Despite very similar components, the BP5e delivers more than double the performance of OCZ's TRION 100. Again, the BP5e provides the best performance of the drives in our test pool.”

Crystal Disk Mark is a familiar benchmarking utility among the SSD reviewers circuit, and the BP5e performs admirable again:

“The BP5e leads the pack in four out of the five categories for the read portion of this test. The BP5e is even able to outperform the MLC-powered Plextor M6V.

It really becomes a trial by fire in the next round, with some pretty extensive tests under Futuremark PCMark 8. This time around its the Crucial BX200 is losing ground to the BP5e:

As the workloads get a little more intense, the BP5e performs better. This time, the BP5e is able to outperform the BX200 and the TRION 100.”

Throughout this BP5e review the Toshiba TLC flash has been a star, but it wouldn’t happen without Phison's PS3110 (S10) controller. Coulter says this about the Phison S10 controller:

“This is the unmasked write performance of (Phison) S10 powered Toshiba 15nm TLC Flash. We are pleasantly surprised. The BP5e has much-better-sustained write performance than any of the competing TLC SSDs in our test pool.

Finally, comes the “Sledgehammer” that consists of a 70/30 mixed workload designed to simulate heavy use and the workstation steady-state. How did the BP5e hold up?

“Overall, the BP5e outperforms all but our SMI reference board. ...The BP5e has excellent recovery performance and leads all drives in our test pool after five minutes of recovery.”

In Conclusion

In his final thoughts, Coulter returns to answer his first question in the article of “Does the BP5e 480GB TLC SSD perform well enough to be considered a viable alternative to the 850 EVO?”:

“The BP5e 480GB SATA III SSD handily outperforms the competition with synthetic testing, performing nearly as well as the (Samsung) 850 EVO at a significantly lower cost per gigabyte.”

The BP5e outperforms the OCZ Trion 100, Plextor M6V, and Crucial BX200 in certain areas. As a TLC flash SSD, the BP5e is achieving above expected results, and could be the TLC SSD that finally meets consumer expectations:

Also, the BP5e is capable of almost double the sustained write performance of most competing TLC SSDs. When compared to other planar TLC flash on the market, Toshiba's 15nm TLC is looking pretty good.”

"It has been awhile since My Digital brought a new SSD to market and they are very excited about the BP5e, as they should be, because the BP5e is TweakTown recommended. It's planar TLC done right and at the right price."

And there you have it, the MyDigitalSSD BP5e is a TLC based SSD, that truly offers quality performance at value cost.

Read The Full Review

Click here to read Coulter's full review on TweakTown. (Link opens in new window)

Get Yours Today

MyDigitalSSD BP5e Slim 7 Series SSDs are now available in 240GB, 480GB, and 960GB.

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