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MyDigitalSSD BP5e 2.5" SSD Earns "Editor Approved 2016" From Tom's Hardware

MyDigitalSSD BP5e 2.5" SSD Earns "Editor Approved 2016" From Tom's Hardware
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Synopsis: Chris Ramseyer at Tom's Hardware reviews and benchmarks the MyDigitalSSD BP5e 960GB 2.5" SSD & to reward it the "Editor Approved 2016" award.

The MyDigitalSSD BP5e 2.5” Slim 7 Series 7mm 2.5” SATA III Solid State Drive (SSD) is a budget, TLC flash, Phison S10 controller based storage device for everyday consumer needs. The BP5e is available in 120GB, 240GB, 480GB and 960GB capacities. Prices detailed in this article are subject to change.

Chris Ramseyer, storage editor over at Tom’s Hardware, takes a look at the BP5e and runs it through testing benchmarks, with comparisons to previously tested SSDs, and concludes that the BP5e deserves the coveted “Editor Approved 2016” award.

MyDigitalSSD BP5e 960GB 2.5" SSD. Image credit: Tom's Hardware

MyDigitalSSD BP5e 960GB 2.5" SSD. Image credit: Tom's Hardware

Looking at the BP5e

Starting the journey, Ramseyer looks over the components of the BP5e and how they contribute to the low consumer price; like the Phison S10 controller and the Toshiba TLC flash:

“The Bullet Proof 5 Eco (BP5e) is a low-cost Phison S10-controlled SSD that utilizes Toshiba's 15nm three-bit-per-cell flash. The flash is special because it packs more density per wafer than any other NAND on the market today. Each wafer has a fixed cost, so increasing density lowers the price per bit.Flash accounts for most of an SSD's cost, so anything you can cut from the NAND has a direct impact on pricing.”

Pricing is very important and holds just as much weight as performance when considering your next SSD. Competitive pricing between manufacturers works in your favor to save you money. The MyDigitalSSD BP5e is one of the most competitively priced devices on the market today, and Chris had this to say about the current price of the BP5e:

“The BP5e costs less than any other modern drive. At just $240, you get a lot of capacity at a very low price. The 480GB BP5e, at just $125, is also an exceptional value. Every time I type that price I have to make sure I wasn't looking at the 240GB model (which sells for $65).”

If you are upgrading a drive in a laptop, notebook, or any slim form device, then the BP5e in it’s 7mm z-height casing is a viable option:

“The BP5e employs a 7mm form factor, so it fits in newer platforms that require the thinner z-height. We recently tested a full-sized notebook that weighs close to eight pounds. Inside, it took 7mm-tall SSDs, and wouldn't accommodate standard 9.5mm drives.”

Performance Testing

In sequential write speed testing the BP5e succeeds over other SSDs, like the OCZ Trion 100. The key here is that even though both SSDs have similar controllers, it’s for Phison’s firmware updates on the S10 controller that allow the BP5e to perform so well:

“OCZ's Trion 100, the company's first TLC-based SSD, uses Toshiba 19nm TLC and sustains a 64KB-block sequential write speed of 115 MB/s. The drive (OCZ's Trion 100) uses a controller very similar to Phison's S10. The BP5e with Toshiba 15nm TLC and newer firmware than the Trion 100 increases that number to roughly 240 MB/s in the same test.”

Moving on to some sequential read performance, Ramseyer talks about the BP5e results versus a previously benchmarked SSD, the Klevv Urbane SSD. The Klevv Urbane SSD uses the same Phison S10 controller, but is instead paired with the higher cost MLC flash versus the BP5e’s lower cost TLC flash:

“The Urbane comes armed with MLC on a Toggle-mode 2.0 interface, so you'd expect it to be faster. Don't tell that to the BP5e, though, because it's at the top of our chart in this test.”

MyDigitalSSD BP5e 2.5" sequential read testing results. Image credit: Tom's Hardware

MyDigitalSSD BP5e 2.5" sequential read testing results. Image credit: Tom's Hardware

Undergoing sequential steady state mixed load testing, the BP5e over hits Ramseyer's expectations of TLC flash based SSDs:

“After the 80 percent read measurement, most TLC-based drives level out under 100 MB/s and never recover. Not only does the BP5e stage a recovery, but it also keeps performance north of 200 MB/s through most of our benchmark.”

The BP5e only trails slightly against the Crucial BX100 in PCMark 8 real world testing, but when you factor in the substantial difference in price, the BP5e appears more attractive

“The BX100 was a popular low-cost SSD from the time it was released last April until it was discontinued at the end of November. It (BX100) launched at $375, and its price crept up to $399 where it sits now. In contrast, the somewhat slower BP5e sells for $240”

You could save up to $160 on a 1TB SSD by choosing the BP5e over the Crucial BX100. That is an incredible saving!

The BP5e continues to benefit from the Phison S10 controller in benchmark results. Ramseyer notes how the S10 keeps the BP5e competing against other SSDs in the PCMark 8 Advanced workload performance testing:

“The S10 controller's core count advantage helps under these conditions, nudging the BP5e upon our chart to outperform generally faster SATA SSDs.”

Final Thoughts

Without a doubt, the MyDigitalSSD BP5e impresses Ramseyer at Tom’s Hardware, the comparisons alone to other SSDs tested make the BP5e a good choice for performance as well as cost:

“MyDigitalSSD's BP5e isn't the first product we've seen pairing the S10 and TLC flash. But it is the first implementation we'd consider buying. The difference between this SSD, OCZ's Trion 100 and some of the unreleased models in our lab is night and day.”


“The MyDigitalSSD Bullet Proof 5 Eco is a rare TLC-based SSD that we can recommend. It undercuts the price of Samsung's 850 EVO by enough to make it a contender.”

Some extra credit is also owed again to the Phison S10 controller:

“We like that Phison figured out a way to double its sustained sequential write performance to reach parity with high-performance 7200 RPM mechanical hard drives, too.”

Overall the MyDigitalSSD BP5e offers a great TLC 2.5” SSD in terms of price and performance. The Toshiba flash and Phison S10 controller when paired help to keep costs down for the consumer, but at the same time work together to create a strong performing storage drive for everyday use.

Tom's Hardware 2016 award for the MyDigitalSSD BP5e 2.5" SSD

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