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MyDigitalSSD 1TB BOOST USB 3.1 SSD Awarded Gold from Benchmark Reviews

MyDigitalSSD 1TB BOOST USB 3.1 SSD Awarded Gold from Benchmark Reviews
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Synopsis: Benchmark Reviews gives the MyDigitalSSD BOOST a 9 out of 10 rating for value and performance, calling it your best choice today for an external SSD.

David Ramsey, Senior Staff Writer at Benchmark Reviews, reviews MyDigitalSSD's latest entry-level external solid state drive, the 1TB SuperSpeedPlus USB 3.1 BOOST with UASP support. Below are some excepts from his review.

A New Trend in Mobile Storage

To start, David explains that external SSDs offer a number of benefits to their HDD counterparts - such as no moving parts, faster read/write speeds in all systems, and better operational performance.

“While SSDs are rapidly becoming the standard for newer desktop and laptop computers, portable USB-powered external drives have continued to use the older mechanical spinning-platter technology. There’s good reason for this: the 2.5″ drive mechanisms used in these devices are both inexpensive and capacious. What they are not, however, is “fast” or “appropriate for new mobile technology.”

Getting an Edge Over Samsung's T3

Despite measuring slightly larger than the Samsung T3 USB 3.1 external SSD, Ramsey notes that the BOOST has an ace up its sleeve when it comes to performance.

“According to MyDigitalDiscount, the drive supports the full 10Gb/s throughput of the USB C 3.1 specification. This gives this drive an advantage– on paper, anyway– over Samsung’s T3 drive, which is limited to 5Gb/s.”

Something David mentions again later on during Iometer IOPS performance testing.

“The results here, while lower than most internal drives, are far better than those turned in by the Samsung T3.”

Benchmark Results

Testing begins with Ramsey collecting benchmarks at 5Gb/s and 10Gb/s over a handful of programs for a thorough grasp on what the drive can really do compared to alternative drives tested in past reviews. In ATTO testing, the BPX shined.

“At 5Gb/s, the BOOST’s 458MB/s reads and 455MB/s writes are impressive for a USB device, but still below any internal drive. However, connecting the drive to a SuperSpeed+ port increases performance to 687MB/s reads and 664MB/s writes, faster than any internal SATA drive that Benchmark Reviews has ever tested. In fact, it would be impossible for an internal SATA drive to achieve these speeds due to the limitations of the SATA 6G interface.”

Referring to the 10Gb/s results, he reflects, “On this benchmark, the BOOST returns the best performance we’ve ever seen from a non-PCIE drive.”

The SuperSpeedPlus Difference

During CrystalDiskMark testing, David expounds of the differences in read/write speeds when using a USB 3.1 Gen 2 port.

“At 10Gb/s, we see the massive increase we’re expecting to see in this sequential data transfer benchmark: the average read speed has increased from 400.7MB/s to 628.8MB/s”

“...maximum speed increased by more than 50%, to 630.7MB/s, which was maintained for the 50-60 gigabytes of writes.”

In Conclusion

After testing, Ramsey outlines why the BOOST is such a great value, regardless of your USB connection.

“The MyDigitalDiscount BOOST 1TB SSD is a bold step forwards for external USB drives...”

“If you’re a content creator, say, with a few hundred gigabytes of 4K video to move around, the BOOST is so much better than the next best solution that there’s really no choice at all.”

“...its price tag is very competitive with slower internal SATA SSDs, and anywhere from $60 to $100 less expensive than the Samsung T3 in 1TB capacity. Even if your computer only supports USB 3 Gen 1 at 5Gb/s, the BOOST offers the same performance as the Samsung for less money in this capacity.”

Benchmark Reviews Gold Tachometer Award

Final Grade

Scoring a 9.15 out of 10 final rating, the BOOST takes home Benchmark Reviews' Golden Tachometer Award.

“At the end of the day, this drive impresses with its class-leading price-performance ratio. And if your desktop computer doesn’t have a USB SuperSpeed+ port, you can add one via an inexpensive PCI-E card. At $262.12, the MyDigitalSSD BOOST is your best choice today for an external SSD.



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