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Loaner Policy

Loaner Eligibility | How to Apply | Approval & Processing | Loaner Policy Terms

With the My Digital Discount Loaner Policy, we are proud to offer our customers the opportunity to try out our new products before purchase. Whether you are a blogger looking to review one of our new products, or a business looking to adopt a new system, we’ve got you covered.

Loaner Eligibility

My Digital Discount accepts loan requests from the following individuals or group representatives.

  • Product reviewers
  • Companies/businesses/organizations looking to upgrade their computer systems
  • Consumers unsure of compatibility and performance
  • Manufacturers
  • Schools and universities
  • System builders
  • IT departments
  • Government organizations
  • Resellers

How to Apply

Contact a MyDigitalDiscount.com customer service representative via phone or email, selecting topic 'General Product Question' on our contact form. Please be sure to include or have the following information at the ready:
  • Your name
  • Your company name
  • Contact phone number
  • Contact email
  • Location information (city, state/province, country, zip/postal code)
  • Website(s) URL
  • The products you're interested in borrowing
  • Your intended purpose for this loan

Product loan requests will reviewed and responded to within 3 business days.

Approval & Processing

Upon approval, My Digital Discount will create an invoice for the product, take payment information, and run a credit authorization for the total of the item, shipping, and tax when applicable. This authorization is not a charge; it simply proves the customer has the funding available to charge at the end of the testing period if he or she chooses to keep the product.

If the approved item is in stock, your order will be processed and shipped immediately. If the approved item is out of stock, you will be placed on a backorder list to have the review unit sent upon the arrival of our next shipment. Each loaner package includes tracking and a prepaid UPS return envelope for a hassle free return to My Digital Discount.

Upon receiving the loaner package, customers will have 14 days to test the product deciding whether to keep or return it. Extended trial periods are available at our discretion on a case-by-case basis and must be approved by a customer service representative at the time of your initial loan request.

At the end of 14 days, a customer service representative will contact you to proceed with billing or provide directions for returning the product.

If we are unable to contact the customer, and do not see active tracking on the UPS return envelope within 3 business days after the trial period expires, My Digital Discount will proceed to charge the payment method on record.

Additionally, if a returned item is damaged or no longer in working order due to a user error, a customer service representative will be in contact with questions about the damage. If we deem this damage a result of improper use, or are simply unable to solicit a reply, the customer will be charged accordingly for repair or replacement.

Loaner Policy Terms

  1. All transactions must be completed over phone or email with a My Digital Discount customer service representative.
  2. Make sure to backup and erase any personal or private information on the product before returning it. My Digital Discount cannot be responsible for lost or stolen material.
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