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DAVID Vision Systems offers affordable ready-to-use 3D scanners kits, software, and accessories to open a world of possibilities for PC users of all skill levels - right from their home or office! Whether scanning large objects or fine details, users can create high-precision 3D scans in standard file formats (OBJ, STL, PLY) for use in most popular 3D applications.

DAVID's classic Laserscanner Starter-Kit contains all necessary hardware and software to start scanning objects by hand. Simply, wave the laser line over the object and watch as it generates a real-time 3D mesh on your screen. After scanning all sides, top and bottom, the included software will align and fuse all scans to create a textured all-round model for export.

Their hands free DAVID's SLS-2 Structured Light Scanner is a projector-based scanning system that allows for more precise 3D scanning in a matter of seconds. Fully automated, the SLS-2 scans an object with only the click of a button and combines all sides into one closed 360° model.

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DAVID HD Structured Light 3D Scanner with DAVID 4 Pro Software - DAVID-SLS-3


DAVID Structured Light 3D Scanner with DAVID 4 Pro Software - DAVID-SLS-2