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How to Upgrade Firmware on MyDigitalSSD Phison S9 Controlled Drives

How to Upgrade Firmware on MyDigitalSSD Phison S9 Controlled Drives
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Synopsis: Click here to download the latest firmware update for MyDigitalSSD solid state drives featuring the S9 controller (SC2, SB, SBe) along with step-by-step upgrade tutorials for users of all experience levels. (Updated 3/20/15)

To better assist our customers, the My Digital Discount Tech Support team has created new step-by-step tutorials to assist MyDigitalSSD owners in upgrading the firmware on Super Cache 2 (SC2), Super Boot Drive, and Super Boot Eco (SBe) solid state drives featuring the Phison S9 controller.

The updates found at the bottom of this post serve two purposes:

  1. To upgrade the firmware of an existing drive
  2. To over provision while upgrading the firmware of a drive

If you have an MyDigitalSSD drive running at full capacity and plan to keep it that way, DO NOT run the Over-Provisioning version of this update. Doing so will over provision the drive and there is no going back.

With that said, MyDigitalSSD HIGHLY recommends users to over provision their SSDs when using them as system drives for maximum drive performance and longevity.

WARNING: Please check your firmware version before downloading and installing any firmware update. If you have a numerical version of similar or higher value to the latest update, you will not need to upgrade.

If you do not know how to check your firmware version. View our quick and simple tutorial on "How to check your SSD firmware version" (PDF, 442KB).


WARNING: The firmware update(s) found in this blog post are ONLY to be used with the following MyDigitalSSD solid state dive model numbers:


42mm (2242) Super Cache 2 (SC2)

42mm (2242) Super Boot Drive

80mm (2280) Super Boot Drive

42mm (2242) Super Boot Eco (SBe)

mSATA & mSATA Mini (Half-Size)

50mm Super Cache 2 (SC2)

50mm Super Boot Drive

25mm Super Cache 2

MyDigitalSSD, nor My Digital Discount, will be held responsible for any loss or damage occurred by using this update with any drive other than the part numbers listed above.

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You must upgrade the firmware under Windows PE. See the accompanying tutorial for more information.

Upgrade using Windows PE Environment

This firmware update is geared towards Chromebook users who do not have the ability to hook their MyDigitalSSD drive up as a secondary drive to run the firmware update.

3/20/15 | Recommended Update (can be performed on FW 1.1 through 2.0)

Firmware Bundle: S9_21_WPE.zip (125MB)

Tutorial: How to upgrade firmware on Phison S9 controller MyDigitalSSD using a Windows PE environment - S9FM02.1 (PDF)

Change Log: S9FM01.7 - S9FM02.1 (PDF)

Firmware Bundle: S9_19_WPE.zip (126MB)

Tutorial: How to upgrade firmware on Phison S9 controller MyDigitalSSD using a Windows PE environment - S9FM01.9 (PDF)

Comments on How to Upgrade Firmware on MyDigitalSSD Phison S9 Controlled Drives

MyDigitalDiscount.com Tuesday, February 3, 2015 10:13:40 AM
Chen - Please contact tech@mydigitaldiscount.com with your question as well as information of the software you are using
chen Friday, January 30, 2015 03:14:26 PM
why the m.2 drive have no data count or life count function
I want to know how long my m.2 128g ssd life remain
MyDigitalDiscount.com Monday, January 12, 2015 08:33:50 AM
Newbuyer - To check your current firmware version see below:

Windows ----------------

1) Click on the Start menu
2) Open Control panel> System> Hardware
3) Select device manager
4) Expand disk drives
5) Right click on the drive and select properties
6) Select details tab > select 'hardware lds' from the drop down menu and the firmware version will be displayed.

Mac OSX -------------------

1) Click on the Apple menu
2) Select About This Mac, then 'More Info', then 'System Report'
3) From the Contents list, select 'Hardware'
4) From the Hardware sub-menu, select Serial-ATA
5) The drive attributes will be displayed on the pane on the right. You will see the name of the drive. The firmware version will show in the 'Revision' field.

What benchmark utility did you use to get the 181MB/s sequential write speed. The 440MB/s advertised seq write speed was achieved through the "ATTO" benchmark utility.


jeff - We apologize for the inconvenience, as we were having some maintenance done on our severs. This issue has been corrected and you can now use the link above to download the firmware.
jeff Saturday, January 10, 2015 03:32:44 PM
Getting the "403/Forbidden" message when clicking on the http://www.mydigitaldiscount.com/downloads/S9_19_WPE.zip link. This is from 2 different networks/ISP's
Newbuyer Saturday, January 10, 2015 03:51:24 AM
I just bought 128Gb SBe and everything look good. I wonder if I need to run a firmware update. Is there a way I can check what's the current installed version?

Also, could you briefly explain why the write speed is so low. I only got up to 181Mb/sec in writing (for "Seq"). I see similar numbers in your website as well. However, the number on the printed package is 440MB/s, and my Samsung SSD 840 EVO 250G installed on the same PC has a writing of 500MB/s (so the PC obviously can support that high writing). I won't expect as high with this tiny SSD, but half of the claimed writing speed is a little bit low. That's the main motivation for me to upgrade firmware. Is there anything else I can do?

MyDigitalDiscount.com Tuesday, January 6, 2015 08:18:14 AM
mehmet - It sounds like you're going to need a replacement drive.
Please email info@mydigitaldiscount.com with your issue and original order information. With that, we'll set you up with an RMA number and provide all the details needed to return the to us.


blake - We'd suggest running the update again with overprovisioning but, if you prefer to keep the drive at full capacity, you may need to trouble shoot with our Tech Support team directly at info@mydigitaldiscount.com.
blake Friday, January 2, 2015 06:49:14 PM
HI, I have the superCache 2 (64gig) I just ran the firmware update for 1.9 and it just took a really long time.. So I let it sit for an hour or so.. Then I restarted the computer.. The card showed up, and it shows 1.9 for the firmware (I did not do the Provisioning though)

Now I appear to have slow write speeds.. What should I do?

Write speeds are like Sequential write :64megs/second

4k write : 18 !!


mehmet Tuesday, December 30, 2014 05:47:06 PM
my m.2sata ssd

As I get an error when updating

Failed!! Not Running on Flash Normal Code now!!! -S9R

0 GByte can not seem to size and installation

Please help ensure religious
MyDigitalDiscount.com Monday, December 29, 2014 05:07:03 PM

We're going to need a little bit more information. Please email this issue to info@mydigitaldiscount.com and our Tech Support team will do their best to help trouble shoot the problem.
Martin Monday, December 29, 2014 02:59:30 PM
I installed M.2 SBe 128 g on my HP Elitebook 820 G but it was not recognized when I started with Winpe and tried to update the firmware It told me no drive found

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