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How to Upgrade Firmware on MyDigitalSSD Phison S9 Controlled Drives

How to Upgrade Firmware on MyDigitalSSD Phison S9 Controlled Drives
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Synopsis: Click here to download the latest firmware update for MyDigitalSSD solid state drives featuring the S9 controller (SC2, SB, SBe) along with step-by-step upgrade tutorials for users of all experience levels. (Updated 3/20/15)

To better assist our customers, the My Digital Discount Tech Support team has created new step-by-step tutorials to assist MyDigitalSSD owners in upgrading the firmware on Super Cache 2 (SC2), Super Boot Drive, and Super Boot Eco (SBe) solid state drives featuring the Phison S9 controller.

The updates found at the bottom of this post serve two purposes:

  1. To upgrade the firmware of an existing drive
  2. To over provision while upgrading the firmware of a drive

If you have an MyDigitalSSD drive running at full capacity and plan to keep it that way, DO NOT run the Over-Provisioning version of this update. Doing so will over provision the drive and there is no going back.

With that said, MyDigitalSSD HIGHLY recommends users to over provision their SSDs when using them as system drives for maximum drive performance and longevity.

WARNING: Please check your firmware version before downloading and installing any firmware update. If you have a numerical version of similar or higher value to the latest update, you will not need to upgrade.

If you do not know how to check your firmware version. View our quick and simple tutorial on "How to check your SSD firmware version" (PDF, 442KB).


WARNING: The firmware update(s) found in this blog post are ONLY to be used with the following MyDigitalSSD solid state dive model numbers:


42mm (2242) Super Cache 2 (SC2)

42mm (2242) Super Boot Drive

80mm (2280) Super Boot Drive

42mm (2242) Super Boot Eco (SBe)

mSATA & mSATA Mini (Half-Size)

50mm Super Cache 2 (SC2)

50mm Super Boot Drive

25mm Super Cache 2

MyDigitalSSD, nor My Digital Discount, will be held responsible for any loss or damage occurred by using this update with any drive other than the part numbers listed above.

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You must upgrade the firmware under Windows PE. See the accompanying tutorial for more information.

Upgrade using Windows PE Environment

This firmware update is geared towards Chromebook users who do not have the ability to hook their MyDigitalSSD drive up as a secondary drive to run the firmware update.

3/20/15 | Recommended Update (can be performed on FW 1.1 through 2.0)

Firmware Bundle: S9_21_WPE.zip (125MB)

Tutorial: How to upgrade firmware on Phison S9 controller MyDigitalSSD using a Windows PE environment - S9FM02.1 (PDF)

Change Log: S9FM01.7 - S9FM02.1 (PDF)

Firmware Bundle: S9_19_WPE.zip (126MB)

Tutorial: How to upgrade firmware on Phison S9 controller MyDigitalSSD using a Windows PE environment - S9FM01.9 (PDF)

Comments on How to Upgrade Firmware on MyDigitalSSD Phison S9 Controlled Drives

pol0 Saturday, January 30, 2016 07:25:02 PM
my SBe-128 has fw S9FM02.2 94hours in operations and full healthy BUT i have very poor writes on games big files : less than a c10 SD, and sometimes under 1kbs! So it would be usefull to get latest fw update as these here are quite low versions..! Thx to give us the latest downloads, if not why .2,2.3,2.4,2.5,2.6 (and maybe newer) are set on latest devices ?
Iciclebar Tuesday, November 24, 2015 02:19:21 PM
It does, thanks. The confusion comes from my first SSD being a Samsung. They did not over provision and expected the user to set the over provision manually with their software..
MyDigitalDiscount.com Tuesday, November 24, 2015 09:12:52 AM

Yes, your drive is over provisioned to improve performance and lastability. Generally over provisioning happens by the manufacturer so isn't something you should worry about doing yourself, in this case by MyDigitalSSD.

Hope that helps
Iciclebar Monday, November 23, 2015 10:37:22 PM
My SuperBoot Drive with fiirmware S9FM02.6 is showing up as a 240GB drive in Crystal Disk with an NTFS formatted capacity of 220GB. Does this mean that some space is being dedicated to overprovisioning already (the missing 16gb?, from an article I read that the 128gb version was using 8gb of overprovisioning) or does this mean that I need to set aside more space? How would I go about overprovisioning this drive if it needs it?

MyDigitalDiscount.com Friday, September 18, 2015 09:44:15 AM

Sorry to hear about the trouble, please contact info@mydigitaldiscount.com with your order information and we'll get you set up with an RMA.



The steps should put you on the path to finding out the SSDs firmware. If not please download and try CrystalDiskInfo.

Just run CrystalDiskInfo and select your drive. The firmware version will be displayed.

You can get CrystalDiskInfo here: http://tinyurl.com/6e4kj3
wcshaff Wednesday, September 16, 2015 04:54:00 PM
Re: instructions to Newbuyer to check firmware version. I run that on a T450 with Win 7 and do not get the version.
Tony Wednesday, September 16, 2015 02:29:28 PM
I just bought a 128 SB. Tried to update the firmware to 2.1, now the device changed it's name to Ps3109S9 and the drive is 0 GB. I can't update or use the ssd anymore.
Help would be appreciated.
Doroteo Tuesday, September 1, 2015 09:03:17 AM
Solution, in response to Mikey's question.

My firmware update to 2.1 was also failing with my drives and stating that the firmware was up to date at v.1.7. After some testing and ended up installing firmware version 1.9 successfully and then from there was able to upgrade to v.2.1. Seems like 1.9 is a pre-requisite before going to 2.1. I hope this helps..

Original Question:
I have 128GB SC2 and made all the steps in the tutorial but when choose my drive it says:
- Firmware version 1.7
-You have the latest firmware updated
Whats the problem?
MyDigitalDiscount.com Tuesday, August 11, 2015 09:13:11 AM

Sorry, we will get the next firmware update when needed. Connect with us on social media with the links above to be the first to find out about the next release.
Jay Monday, August 10, 2015 02:47:08 PM
As far as releasing firmware 2.3 Can you release it? even changes have been minimal. It's still update. There must be some improvement. Thanks.

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