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Freight Shipping

In the case of large or oversized orders weighing more than 150 lbs, MyDigitalDiscount.com works with reputable and experienced freight shipping carriers to find customers the lowest rates possible for safe and secure shipping to anywhere in the world.

Handling Time

Preparing a freight shipment can take anywhere from 1-2 days up to a week depending on the complexity of the shipment. Upon completion, customers are notified of the expected date and time of delivery.

Note: Handling time does not include the chosen carrier's transit time of the shipment to your location.

What To Expect At Delivery

Freight orders are delivered by truck with the items stacked and shrink-wrapped on a pallet, skid, or other forkliftable and pallet-jackable base.

Each carrier will vary but freight delivery windows usually span between 4 to 8 hours and freight shipments are often unloaded by the receiving customer. Please plan accordingly.

Home : Freight Shipping