: Tutorials : Firmware Upgrade Tutorial for MyDigitalSSD BP4 S8 Controller SSDs

Firmware Upgrade Tutorial for MyDigitalSSD BP4 S8 Controller SSDs

Firmware Upgrade Tutorial for MyDigitalSSD BP4 S8 Controller SSDs
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Posted: Tuesday, December 30, 2014 10:43:00
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Use this step-by-step tutorial to update any MyDigitalSSD BP4 drive featuring the Phison S8 Controller with the latest firmware version. (Updated 12/30/14)

Use the links at the bottom of this post to download the latest firmware update available for all MyDigitalSSD Bullet Proof 4 (BP4) solid state drives featuring the Phison S8 controller. If you are new to updating firmware, or simply need a refresher, the Tech Support team has created step-by-step tutorials in PDF format to guide MyDigitalSSD BP4 owners of all experience levels through the upgrade process.

The updates found in the links below serve two purposes:

  1. To upgrade the firmware of an existing already over provisioned drive
  2. To over provision while upgrading the firmware of a drive that is at full capacity.

If you have a MyDigitalSSD BP4 SSD running at full capacity and plan to keep it that way, DO NOT run this update. Doing so will overprovision the drive and there is no going back.

With that said, MyDigitalSSD HIGHLY recommends users to over provision their SSDs when using them as system drives for maximum drive performance and longevity.



  • Please check your firmware version before downloading and installing any firmware update. If you have a numerical version of similar or higher value to the latest update, you will not need to upgrade.

If you do not know how to check your firmware version. View our quick and simple tutorial on "How to check your SSD firmware version" (PDF, 442KB).


WARNING: The firmware update(s) found in this blog post are ONLY to be used with the following MyDigitalSSD solid state dive model numbers:

MyDigitalSSD BP4 50mm SATA III (6G) mSATA SSD


MyDigitalSSD BP4 2.5" Slim 7 Series SATA III (6G) SSD


MyDigitalSSD BP4 SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Portable SSD


MyDigitalSSD, nor My Digital Discount, will be held responsible for any loss or damage occurred by using this update with any drive other than the part numbers listed above.

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You must upgrade the firmware under Windows PE. See the accompanying tutorial for more information.

Firmware Update Version 8.1 - NEW

Upgrade using Windows PE Environment

Firmware: (128MB)

Tutorial: How to upgrade firmware on Phison S8 controller MyDigitalSSD using a Windows PE environment - Ver. 2.0 (PDF)

Change Log: S8FM07.7 - S8FM08.1 (PDF)


Firmware Update Version 7.7

Upgrade using Windows PE Environment

Firmware: (126MB)

Tutorial: How to upgrade firmware on Phison S8 controller MyDigitalSSD using a Windows PE environment - Ver. 2.0 (PDF)


Firmware Update Version 6.6

Upgrade using a Windows 7/8 Executable File

This upgrade must be performed with the SSD hooked up as a secondary drive.

Firmware: (1.6MB)

Tutorial: How to upgrade firmware on Phison S8 controller MyDigitalSSD using a Windows 7/8 executable file - Ver. 1.6 (PDF)


Firmware Update Version 6.1

Upgrade using a Windows 7/8 Executable File

This upgrade must be performed with the SSD hooked up as a secondary drive.

Firmware: MDD_FirmwareUpgrade_Tool.7z (1.24MB)

Tutorial: How to upgrade firmware on Phison S8 controller MyDigitalSSD using a Windows 7/8 executable file - Ver. 1.5 (PDF)

Comments on Firmware Upgrade Tutorial for MyDigitalSSD BP4 S8 Controller SSDs Tuesday, March 14, 2017 10:28:06

The firmware update from 6.1 to 8.1 should be perfectly safe, just make sure you have your data backed up because it will erase the drive. if you have any trouble during or after the update please contact us at
Artiom Sunday, March 12, 2017 08:05:24
Hi! I heard about that latest version of firmware can kill ssd on phison s8 and toshiba 19nm nand. So is it safe to update my BP4 from 6.1 to 8.1 firmware? Tuesday, November 1, 2016 10:30:10

Yes, upgrading the firmware on the MyDigitalSSD BP4 SSD will erase your data, please backup before beginning.
davide445 Sunday, October 30, 2016 04:20:21
Hi, want to ask if all the fw update does always delete the all the SSD content, needing so a full backup and restore Wednesday, August 24, 2016 09:37:40

Please refer your question to Include the model number of your 2 drives, capacity, and firmware version before you attempted the upgrade. Also include the make and model of your computing device as well as the OS running on it.
Daniel Tuesday, August 23, 2016 22:21:56
Hi I just tried to update my two 60 GB BP4 drives w the 8.1 version, and now both of them are displayed as PS3108S8, with a current FW version of S8R00001 and Capacity of 0GB. When I try to press upgrade it gives me an error now. What can I do to fix this!? Monday, February 29, 2016 09:57:17

The latest firmware version is available to all with lower firmware versions. You are free to update, as long as your model number is mentioned and your drive is currently over provisioned (see notes in article for details).

We only have the changelog from 7.7 to 8.1 available.
Adrian Saturday, February 27, 2016 18:54:49
Two questions:
Is it safe to directly update BP4 Slim from firmware version 5.4 to 8.1?
Will it have significant benefits? I can't find the full changelog from version 5.4 Monday, October 19, 2015 09:13:27

Sorry to hear about the issues you are facing. Please email the information about the issue, including the model number and firmware version you updated from/to. To assist our technician further please include a screenshot of the drive listed in CrystalDiskInfo.

CrystalDiskInfo is a free to run and install software available here:

Tech email here:
DannyD Saturday, October 17, 2015 13:26:36
After i updated firmware on mydigital ssd 128gb msata now i has only 2mb. Please help me ..........please... Monday, September 14, 2015 10:09:20
Shannon D.,


1) Click on the Start menu
2) Open Control panel> System> Hardware
3) Select device manager
4) Expand disk drives
5) Right click on the drive and select properties
6) Select details tab > select 'hardware lds' from the drop down menu and the firmware version will be displayed.


1) Click on the Apple menu
2) Select About This Mac, then 'More Info', then 'System Report'
3) From the Contents list, select 'Hardware'
4) From the Hardware sub-menu, select Serial-ATA
5) The drive attributes will be displayed on the pane on the right. You will see the name of the drive. The firmware version will show in the 'Revision' field.


CrystalDiskInfo (CDI) is a freeware storage drive monitoring utility

1) Choose the relevant version for your system from here:
2) Download and run CDI
3) Choose your SSD from the tab
4) The firmware version will be listed underneath the drive
Shannon D. Monday, September 14, 2015 01:17:41
How do I know what firmware version I already have? Thursday, June 18, 2015 09:27:57

Good to hear that you were successfully able to upgrade the firmware on your BP4e. FW upgrades don't always increase the read/write cycles, but are meant to address bugs that can hinder performance of your SSD.

Like us on Facebook or Follow Us on Twitter to be the first to know about upcoming firmware upgrades.
Jurij Wednesday, June 17, 2015 17:06:34
Thanks, upgrade is done. Everything is working according tutorial. But SSD speed write/reade is the same as before (7.9 ver). Thanks again for help! Tuesday, June 9, 2015 09:33:21

Please download the tutorial PDF with the firmware, and follow the steps to use WinPE to upgrade the firmware. You must use WinPE to upgrade the firmware. If you continue to find issues please email
Jurij Monday, June 8, 2015 14:36:22
I installed SSD BP4e Slim 7 256GB on my mid 2011 iMac as second Hard Drive. SSD is needed Firmware upgrade from 7.9 to 8.1 version. I have Win7 on HDD and tried upgrade SSD by MDD Firmware Upgrade Tool v1.01. I have erased SSD and formatted FAT on it by OS X Disk Utility. I ran S8FM08.1 (admin right) and got “ Force To Boot Mode… ISP Burner Code. AP-key NOT enable by Device ! “ What’s wrong? Could you help me to upgrade my SSD? Friday, April 3, 2015 09:15:07

Sorry for the delay in reply, but we will hope to have the next firmware upgrade for the S8 controller on this page soon. Check this page or Like Us on Facebook or Follow us on Twitter to be the first to know.


Starks Tuesday, March 31, 2015 22:38:49
Do you guys have the 8.0 firmware that is now shipping with the drives?

I'd like to have it just in case.

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