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DAVID Laserscanner Pro 3 Software

DAVID Laserscanner Pro 3 Software
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Synopsis: See what DAVID Vision Systems has to say about their new DAVID 3.0 software that supports both classic laser scanning and now structured light scanning.

My Digital Discount is happy to pass along the latest product update from DAVID Vision Systems.

New DAVID Version 3

After more than a year of development, we have some exciting news - DAVID 3.0 is now available!

The most important innovation: DAVID is the first and only software that supports both, "classic" Laser Scanning AND Structured Light Scanning! The Structured Light method is presented below. Also, the completely new user interface makes DAVID3 more flexible, extendable and user-friendly. Of course the new version is compatible to the same hardware: cameras, lasers, calibration patterns, etc.

As always we offer a Free Version for everyone. Please feel free to test everything! Only saving results are limited. Download here.

Of course if you already own a DAVID 2.x license or original USB key, you can upgrade to DAVID 3 at a lower price. Click here for upgrade procedure details.

Structured Light Scanning

Structured Light (SL) makes scanning faster and easier! For this method you can use a standard video projector instead of the line laser. The animation below demonstrates the setup.

The video projector is connected to the PC and DAVID 3 uses it to illuminate the object with several stripe patterns. Click "Start" - wait a few seconds - see 3D result on screen! Our reseller from Mexico, VISI Series, has already tried it and made a short demo video as seen below.

Of course an SL setup needs to be optimized and calibrated (first the camera, then the laser). Our DAVID 3 User Manual will guide you through it.

So what are the pros and cons of Structured Light Scanning compared to Laser Scanning?


  • Scanning without calibration panels in the background! (Panels are only initially required for camera and projector calibration.)
  • Much faster
  • One-click scan
  • No moving parts / no influence of hand tremors etc.
  • Can use photo camera, e.g. DSLR (still not recommended, but will be great and comfortable with a future DAVID version - work in progress)


  • Projector prices are dropping, but they are still more expensive than lasers
  • Room needs to be rather dark, usually darker than required for laser
  • Not suitable for very small details on small objects because projectors usually can't be focused to very short distances

You should definitely give it a try!

That's it for today, enjoy the new version and look forward to more to come!

Your DAVID Team

To purchase a copy of the DAVID 3.0 Pro Software Upgrade with My Digital Discount, click here.

- MyDigitalDiscount.com

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