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Comparing DAVID 4 Pro and Enterprise DIY 3D Scanning Software

Comparing DAVID 4 Pro and Enterprise DIY 3D Scanning Software
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Synopsis: Find out more about the new features of DAVID Vision System's DAVID 4 Pro and Enterprise 3D scanning software.

Since 2009, DAVID Vision Systems has been at the forefront of providing professionals and amateurs alike with the latest in the world of DIY 3D scanning. The new DAVID 4, also called DAVID4, Pro and Enterprise editions of their popular 3D scanning software is no different, offering high-precision 3D Laser or Structured Light scanning to users of all skill levels at an unbeatable prices.

Whether you're using a DAVID 3D Scanner Kit or a DIY setup of your own, DAVID 4's easy to use interface helps create seamless 360° models in minutes that can be exported to .OBJ, .PLY, or .STL formats for virtually any use.

The DAVID 4 Pro and Enterprise software both come with great tools to get the most out of your scans; like an integrated 3D viewer, outlier removal, and the ability to align and merge multiple scans in a single click. DAVID 4 Enterprise comes with the added benefits of comparing scans to the model with variances color coded in 3D, advanced measurements between point pairs on scans, and an additional C plugin interface for non-DAVID turntables.

Use the comparison chart below to find out which software is right for your needs.

Compare DAVID 4 Pro and Enterprise Software Features

Software Features DAVID 4

High-Precision 3D Scanning

The perfect DIY solution for contact-free scanning of 3D objects. The only hardware requirements are a simple commercial hand-held laser and a standard camera. With reasonable hardware, the scan accuracy is around 0.1% of the object size.

User-Friendly Handling

The user interface of DAVID4 is easy to use and the scanning process is very simple. Just take a lightweight laser module and sweep the laser line over the object. You can scan the objects from all sides, even from the top and the bottom.

Supports Laser Scanning and Structured Light Scanning

DAVID is the first and only software that supports both, "classic" Laser Scanning AND Structured Light Scanning! Structured Light (SL) makes scanning faster and easier. For this method you can use a standard video projector instead of the line laser.

Compatible to Most Cameras with DirectShow / Microsoft Windows Drivers (WDM)

You can use nearly every MS-Windows compatible camera with DirectShow / WDM support, like your web-cam, fire-wire camera or camcorder.

Highly Flexible and Scalable Setup

The scan setup is very scalable. You can simply scale the whole setup up or down to scan small or big object sizes - from coins to cars! In combination with a laptop you get a very stable and mobile scan solution.

Integrated 3D Viewer

Inspect your 3D model right after scanning with DAVID's integrated OpenGL-based 3D viewer.

Outlier Removal

You can select and delete surface parts easily with your mouse.

Align and Merge Multiple Scans

You can fuse/merge the aligned scans with a single mouse click. The result is a connected regular triangle mesh. The fusion method is more than just an ordinary mesh stitching, since it calculates the average of overlapping surface parts, reduces noise and outliers and optionally fills all remaining holes.

User-Defined Mesh Resolution and Mesh Smoothness

You can define the mesh resolution and smoothness value to optimize the fusion result for your intended application.

Texture Support

You can grab camera shots that will be used as texture. In all alignment and fusion steps, textures are processed along with the 3d data. The result is a fused triangle mesh with a fused texture. DAVID4 exports texture coordinates, which allows you to import the textured object in third-party software.


All data (e.g. scans, textures, transformations, ...) can be quickly saved to and loaded from single project files.

Export Your Scanned Objects as OBJ, PLY, or STL Files

DAVID4 supports the Alias Wavefront OBJ file format, the stereo lithography STL file format and the Polygon File Format PLY, which are well-established formats for triangle meshes and are supported by many other 3d applications.

Hardware Can Be Reused for Other Applications

Since DAVID4 is a pure software solution that does not rely on specific hardware, you can save money and re-use your own hardware (especially your camera or video projector) for other things.

Support for DAVID Turntables

DAVID Turntables are supported out of the box.

Quality Inspection

With DAVID4 you can compare scans to a 3D reference model. Variances are color coded in 3D or given as signed distance values for user selected surface points.

Length Measurements

Simply need metric distance between point pairs on scans? No problem.

Custom Turntable Support

DAVID4 supports a simple C plugin interface for turntables. This allows to integrate own turntables into DAVID4.

Remote Control

DAVID4 can be controlled by your own application using the DAVID SDK.

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