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2TB KIOXIA XG5-P NVMe M.2 SSD Earns Legit Reviews Value Award

2TB KIOXIA XG5-P NVMe M.2 SSD Earns Legit Reviews Value Award
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Synopsis: Legit Reviews' Nathan Kirsch hops on a 2TB KIOXIA XG5-P NVMe M.2 deal and compares its performance to other budget-friendly PCIe and SATA SSDs.

Nathan Kirsch of Legit Reviews takes a look at the 2TB KIOXIA XG5-P PCIe Gen 3 x4 NVMe 2280 M.2 solid state drive after receiving word on a tempting limited-time deal from MyDigitalDiscount.com.

Released in 2017, the then Toshiba XG5-P was a client SSD aimed at gaming and enthusiast PC systems, workstations, and read-intensive enterprise applications. Purchased in large quantities by Dell and HP to use in their systems at the time, their now surplus stock is making its way into the market under its new name KIOXIA, allowing for retailers to offer their leftover OEM drives at a discounted price. This led Kirsch to wonder how the 3-year-old OEM drive now stacked up against the present-day competitors.

Kirsch compares results of both SATA and PCI Express SSDs, from Samsung, Intel, HP, Western Digital, Corsair, Crucial, Plextor, Patriot, ADATA, Kingston, Sabrent, and SK Hynix to see how the 2TB XG5-P performs in different environments.

Synthetic Testing

Starting with synthetic testing, Nathan runs the XG5-P through ATTO Disk Benchmark software that showed peak performance speeds of 2520MB/s read and 991MB/s write. While these results put the XG5-P near the bottom of the NVMe SSDs tested, it still outperformed the SATA drives by over 500MB/s.

Running the XG5-P through AJA System Test yielded similar results, with peak speeds of 2,581MB/s read and 949MB/s write, with it still struggling to keep up with the other NVMe drives, but continuing to outperform the SATA SSDs.

Real-World Testing

Moving on to real-world applications, Kirsch utilizes PCMark 10 benchmark software to run the XG5-P through two separate performance tests.

First, Full System Benchmark measured the time it took to boot up popular games including Battlefield V, Call of Duty Black Ops 4, and Overwatch. In this test, the XG5-P scored a total of 1304 points, showing performance that out-did not only the SATA drives but also the 8TB NVMe Sabrent Rocket Q.

Next test, Kirsch measures how long it takes to complete less demanding real-world tasks, such as the copying of JPEG images and the use of Microsoft and Adobe programs. Testing concluded that the XG5-P scored a total of 1521 points, notably outperforming the 1TB Samsung 970 EVO PLUS, the 1TB WD Blue SN550, and 1TB WD Black SN750.

Nathan then changes gears, using a compressed backup copy of Steam’s PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), to show how the XG5-P handles large file transfers. The XG5-P placed near the middle of the testing group with an average 1396.5MB/s to read the 27.3GB file. Faster than the 1TB Kingston A2000 by 37.7MB/s and the 1TB Intel 665p by over 100MB/s.

Lastly, turning to Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers to measure game load time, Kirsch noted, "the KIOXIA XG5-P 2TB came in at 16.423 seconds on game load times, which was better than four other NVMe SSDs!"

Legit Reviews: Value Award

Final Thoughts

While Nathan concedes the performance results of the KIOXA SSD were "a little underwhelming" compared to the other SSDs that also tested at a 55% capacity, the XG5-P is not without merit, saying:

"At the end of the day the KIOXIA XG5-P 2TB drive is an OEM drive that you can get at a heck of a price from MyDigitalDiscount if you are looking for a good deal on a 2TB drive."

Adding, "the XG5-P 2TB drive is still faster than SATA III SSDs and is available at an attractive price point."

In closing, Kirsch gives the 2TB KIOXA XG5-P Legit Reviews' Value Award for its impressive price for performance value at $219.99, explaining that the only other 2TB NVMe SSD he could for less than the XG5-P was the Inland Professional 2TB with QLC NAND Flash.

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